Title: Exposed

Author: Kimberly Marcus

Summary: Juniors Liz “Photo Girl” and Kate “Mistress of Modern Dance” have always called themselves forever friends.  However, everything changes one “Saturday Night Slumber” after Liz accuses Kate of being afraid to take chances because Kate is considering giving up dance and has settled (according to Liz) for a boyfriend who always lets her have her way.   Liz storms off to sleep in her room, leaving Kate to sleep alone on the couch where something unthinkable happens.  Now, Kate is avoiding Liz and no one will look Liz in the eye anymore.  Everything Liz counted on – family, friends, and photography- is now uncertain and Liz doesn’t know how to cope with the idea of losing what she loves the most. 

Who will like this book?: Fans of emotionally-driven, realistic fiction who enjoy free-verse poetry format. 

If you like this, try this: Anything by Ellen Hopkins or Sonya Sones

Recommended by: Jen, Fairfield Woods Branch Teen Librarian


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